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Hi, thank you for visiting my site.

I would like to begin by sharing a little about myself and family.
I come from a family of eight Children, I am the oldest. We didnít always have the best of things with there being so many of us, but we loved each other very much. My mother was a Wonderful Christian, and kept us in church most of the time. As some of us do, I strayed from the church. And when My mother was diagnosed with Cancer in 1972, I was devastated, I knew the power of prayer that my mother had always taught me, so I began to pray along with a lot of other people and God healed her completely of cancer to spend many more years with her husband and us kids.

In 1972, I became a born again Christian, It was then that my entire life began to change. I was excited at the way things were going in my life. God gave me the gift to Glorify Him through my Music, I have spent many years singing in churches of all Denominations.  I have 4 Children, 8 Grandchildren and 13 Great Grandchildren. All of them are as special as the next, to the both of us.

My wife went to be with Jesus on 12/29/2006 we were Married 44 wonderful years.

I want to thank you for donating towards my CD's. I truly hope that it blesses you as the Lord has blessed me. I would like to get to know all of you. If you are interested in my visiting your church, please contact me or have your pastor contact me vie email at hgunter@aol.com.
God Bless

Sincerely,  Wayne Gunter